Pivotal Integration Module: DBConnection

The DBConnection will allow Pivotal CRM systems to integrate with any external datasource that provides ADO.Net or WebService (SOAP) access. Pivotal CRM projects usually require some kind of data integration with third party or legacy data sources. DBConnection provides the basis to establish on-line connections to these data sources. As a result, developers will not need to implement or develop the connection and mapping logic. They will just focus in the business logic while DBConnection takes care of managing the external connection details including the mapping logic between heterogeneous data models.

Main Features

  • Connection to any ADO.Net or WebService (SOAP) datasource
  • Declarative configuration of external connections and mappings using the Pivotal Client
  • Configuration of tracing, logging, transaction management as part of the integration platform
  • Automatic mapping of Pivotal entities (tables with secondaries and foreign keys) to external entities
  • Provides a cache policy management to improve performance
  • Provides a comprehensive API to be used on Pivotal Client/Server tasks
  • Developers will always work with an ADO.Net DataSource (even if the external data is exposed through a web service)

Prerequisites: Pivotal CRM 5.9, Pivotal CRM 6.0.8 or higher (CMS 6.0.5 or PCM 6.0.8 HF1)

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