Salesforce Services

Systemyc has more than 15 years of experience working with CRM and web development of enterprise applications, and we have applied this knowledge to Salesforce as well. With over 5+ years of experience in delivering enterprise projects with Salesforce, our expertise ranges from simple customizations of Salesforce Clouds (Sales, Service, etc.) to more complex developments using the full features provided by the platform.

These are some of the projects we we could bring value and expertise:

  • Salesforce Onboarding: including
    • Initial customization of the Salesforce org
    • Migration of data from legacy systems to Salesforce
    • Implement business processes into Salesforce
  • Implementation of complex integrations
    • Creation of one-time integrations for data migration
    • Creation and maintenance of ongoing one-directional or bi-directional integrations between Salesforce and any legacy systems (on the web or not)
    • Creation of Web Service layers for legacy applications not in the Cloud to participate in Salesforce integrations
  • Improving Salesforce org performance, unit tests and coverage: solving issues with
    • Complex orgs with lots of customization having unit tests failing and not passing
    • Complex orgs with lots of data and with performance issues
    • Complex orgs with lots of code and poor code coverage

Our expertise includes the following skill sets:

  • Knowledge of Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Knowledge of Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Knowledge of APEX development
  • Knowledge of Visualforce development
  • Knowledge of Lightning Development
  • Knowledge of integration capabilities exposing and consuming SOAP/REST
  • Knowledge of OAuth authentication mechanisms
  • Knowledge of advanced development techniques including APEX metadata
  • Experience working with web development using HTML, CSS and Javascript and Salesforce Javascript remoting
  • Experience working with Salesforce best practices for performance and optimization, platform governor limits and its way around them
  • Knowledge of design and development for Salesforce1 applications

All of Systemyc’s Salesforce resources are certified professionals, holding certifications in different areas including: